5 Biggest Myths in the Music Industry

Myth 1: The person that writes the music is the producer.
The person that writes the music is NOT a producer.  That person is the composer.  Yes if you “make a beat” sadly, you are considered the Composer.  Producers do not have to compose or write lyrics.  The producer is the person who takes all the components – the music, lyrics, singer, rapper, musicians and creates a finished work.  The producer is the one that knows how it should all come together so it sounds like a record and not like a demo.  Much like a director of a film directs the film so it shows their vision, is much like what a producer does.

Myth 2: The person that writes lyrics is a songwriter.
The person that writes only lyrics is NOT a songwriter.  That person is a lyricist or an author.  If you compose the music AND write the lyrics you are a songwriter.

Myth 3:  Having a publishing deal with BMI, SESAC or ASCAP
BMI, SESAC, ASCAP are NOT publishing companies.  They are performance rights organizations also knows as PROs (short for Performance Right’s Organization)

Myth 4: Have a song professionally recorded in MP3 format
MP3s are not professionally accepted formats for recording, mixing or mastering music.  Standard industry format would be WAV files or Broadcast Wave Files

Myth 5:  If someone believes in you, you shouldn’t have to pay them.
Believing that you should not have to pay for services of Composers, Authors and Producers because “all you gotta do is let me record on your beats and we will blow up” or “I read that if someone believes in you, you shouldn’t pay”,  is not motivation enough.  Knowledge, skill and electricity to run the equipment are not free.  If YOUR dream is to record with that producer, composer or author then you must commit your own resources and not expect someone else to pay for your dream.

Written by Geri King for Audio Blueprint


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