Audio Blueprint is the production partnership of Platinum Recording Artist, Producer, Songwriter, Musician Geri King & Platinum Producer, Songwriter, Musician Kimo Kaulani who have over the past 12 years operated their own individual production companies, Seshet Music, and Ki Songs Entertainment. 

After years of working together on various projects, they decided to join forces in 2009 to form Audio Blueprint and have worked with artists such as Lenny Kravitz, Cindy Black‐man, Take 6, Connie Johnson‐Brown, Maroon 5 & Wu‐Tang’s Watchmen. Other projects include music for The Weather Channel, The WB, TNT, CBS and Honda America. 

Audio Blueprint specializes in composing music , songwriting, recording, production, mixing, mastering, scoring, sound design and audio editing for the recording industry, motion picture industry as well as music for both radio and television commercials. 

Audio Blueprint is versed in various music genres: Pop, R&B, Alternative, Gospel, Metal & Jazz. 

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