Get Over It!

(Getting over getting screwed and feeling like a victim) Everybody gets done wrong. So what can you learn and how can you move on? Many opportunities will be missed because you are still steaming about some guy 2 years ago that jipped you for $200, $2000 or whatever.
Understand that there are people out there that will prey on unsigned and hopeful artists and producers. Also understand that after someone does you wrong you cannot then treat everyone as though they have done or will do the same thing. Its a delecate balance of trust. Do your due diligence. We at Audio Blueprint tell Artists and Producers all the time to “Google” someone. We tell them to look us up and listen our work. Why? Because we want you to get a feel for what we do so you can feel confident in our ability to work with you. If you can only find a Facebook, Instagram page on someone, no links to any commercial releases but they claim to have worked with everyone under the sun, then chances are they have not done all they claim. You have to use common sense. This is not to say that you have to act like an amateur detective, but you should do some due dilligence. Ask questions. Do not feel badly about asking. If someone makes you feel stupid about asking questions then maybe you should not work with that person. Getting into this industry is hard enough, so if someone you are charging with the fruition of your dream makes you feel uncomfortable for asking about what they can do and have done, then its simply not the right fit.
Get over whatever challenges and shortcomings present themselves in that moment. Have faith in your ability to do what is best for you. There is an old saying “When you know better, you do better.” It is important to recognize when you do the best you can at that moment with what you have, that is nothing to be angry, ashamed or sad about. That is just life. Figure out what it is you need to learn and move on. The lesson may not reveal itself right then, but if you keep your mind open it will come. Do not dwell on it constantly wondering where it went wrong, just keep in pursuit of your goals. Don’t let bad situations or circumstances hinder your project. And yes all of this is easier said than done and that is precisely why few will do it. Your success, however you define it, starts with your attitude, your drive and your resilience. So get over it and move on!

Written by Geri King for Audio Blueprint


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