Being Your Own Biggest Fan

Being your own biggest fan is not about tooting your horn or thinking that you are great.  It is about investing in yourself to reach your goals.  It is about always looking for ways to be better.  Investments in yourself and your career never stop.  The successful ones know that thinking you have no more to learn is the precursor to doom.  There is always room for improvement and it is only natural that one should strive to be better.  With being your own biggest fan, you also need to realize that no one will ever be a bigger fan than you will, nor should you ever expect someone to be.  You as your biggest fan, you and only you need to make all the sacrifices and struggle for what you want and not expect someone to do it for you.  This means if there are services that you want from someone, then you need to pay for them; not try to convince them why they should sacrifice for what you want.  That is asking someone to be more dedicated to your dream than you are willing to be.  As you get closer to your goals, the cost and commitment are going to be more, and the caliber of people to help you on your journey are going to require more; more money or more equity.  Either way, it is your dream and your sacrifice, not anyone else’s.  So be your own biggest fan and know it is up to you alone to give yourself the very best you can.

Written by Geri King for Audio Blueprint

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