3 Key Elements for a Good Recording Session

Over the years of producing Artists in various genres we have noticed a few key elements that make for a good recording session. The list is simple and as many simple things, they get lost in their simplicity.

1. Preparation The more prepared you go to a recording session the better it will be. You will be more focused and spend less time becoming familiar with the music or your lyrics and you will find the session will go a lot smoother.

2. Good Attitude As much as we try something can always come up to rattle you during a recording. We all know that feeling. You know- that brain fart you get when the recording light comes on? Yeah. It happens. You have to become a Zen ninja and put yourself into the moment so nothing else matters. Just you and the mic. Don’t beat yourself up about mistakes. Sometimes the biggest mistakes end up being great takes.

3. Water Yes water. You need to hydrate in the studio. It’s the magical stuff that keeps your words and lips from sticking together. It’s a good habit to bring your own bottles of water and make sure you clean up behind yourself after your session!

Written By Geri King for Audio Blueprint

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